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One of the biggest problems I find lacking today across the spirituality spectrum is a real reinforcement of ethics. I have fallen prey myself of not being very ethical when it comes to magic and spirituality and I have equally learned from my mistakes.

Some issues I have seen:

1. I use to think the 3-fold law was trite and redundant, but if you really look at what it is trying to say, I think it is quite beautiful. Live your life how you please without harming the natural order. What could be more beautiful than that?

2. Psychic readings should not be done in the open.

3. Magic is sometimes a necessary tool for trancendence. Sometimes it is necessary to solve a problem. But magic should not be used for everything. The Tao teaches to go with the flow of life, and to hone your mind and thoughts. To me, that is real magic. To be in control of yourself, and to be one with life.

4. Just because you can do something does not mean you should.

5. Contacting people on the otherside is good if those people on the other side need closure. But doing it to show others that it is real or simply for the sake of contact is pointless. If you have to see to believe, it takes away inner growth and realization.

6. Many spiritual paths on the western end teach about self-fulfillment but very little about service to humanity. The real goal of spirituality should be what you can bring to others, not what you can get.

With great power comes equal responsibility. If you give a child a gun, you have to expect that the child with shoot his or her self. If you teach an unaware person magic, you have to expect that they will use it for destruction and not creation or create destruction.

Real spirituality is about being good and loving to yourself and to all those involved. Real magic enriches everyones life. It does not enrich just one person.

Remember that as you grow more spiritual, you should also grow more ethical. If one of them is falling behind, you know you have lost the path.
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