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and "reincarnation"
i want to ask kids who they were in previous lives to see what the responses would be.

when i was a kid i had some really interesting dreams where i'd be led to this huge room and this guy was holding a book he kept reading to me. i'd only be able to dream this if i'd rub my eyes before i drifted off and really concentrated on getting there.
there were a few times when i'd see something a person was going to say and the it would happen. i'd look at them and they'd kind of look at me but didn't want me to say anything about it.
i also remember when i first tried to walk and speak this language. it was alot of effort, but i kept feeling frustrated at myself for not being able to just do it.. like i had before?
anyway, i've read that if you talk to kids, you can ask them questions like, who they were before, why they come here again etc. and since they're closest to the other "side" then you'll get some interesting answers.
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